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2008-03-16 12:06 pm

things I have been reading

There's an article on genderqueer students at women's colleges in today's NY Times Magazine. As far as I can tell (as someone who's not in the trans community), it's a really great article, sensitive to the idea of a spectrum of gender identity. Gender and women's colleges were big issues on my mind when I was 17, and I wish this sort of discussion had been so accessible then. It made me very happy to read it. Check it out: When Girls Will Be Boys

This week's been a good week for NY Times articles all around. Others that I've been forwarding around:

For Bronx School's Dancers, the Moves Are Irish just in time for St Patrick's Day.

900 Feet Up With Nowhere to Go but Down: slackline + canyon + BASEjumping = crazy.

I forget, sometimes, that the NY Times isn't everyone's main news source. I always feel silly posting links to stories, because so many people have already seen them. But anyway, I liked these.