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I have my first (and probably only) Irish step dance competition at the end of the month. I've been practicing a ton (but not enough), sitting out ceili dances on Mondays and instead just doing my steps in the corner. I don't care much about how I do as long as I don't fall on my face, but I'm still surprisingly stressed - the other night I dreamed that I'd forgotten my dance shoes and had to compete alongside the champion level dancers, for instance.

One thing I haven't figured out is what to wear. I'm new to our class/ensemble and so I've got a hand-me-down costume for our 8-person ceili dance. It's at least two sizes too big, though, so I really don't want to wear it in the solo competitions. Since we're adults, and since our dance organization doesn't stress costumes as much as some, I don't need anything fancy (and I don't need to wear one of those ridiculous curly wigs). A few of us are trying to buy matching inexpensive dresses but I'm running out of time or ideas.

Here are the constraints: Black, can conceal a sports bra, knee length or a bit shorter, full-ish skirt (a generous a-line skirt would be fine). Must come in XS (0-2). Adult dancers often wear long-sleeve, knee-length velvet dresses, though I think I'd rather not have long sleeves. (Here's an example.) Short prom "little black dresses" would work if the top weren't too revealing. I'm actually considering wearing my high school prom dress, but it's got a halter neck so I'd need a new bra, and it's too big.

I've checked Vicky's Secret, JC Penney, and a few dance stores online, and the Jessica McClintock outlet and Nordstrom Rack in person. I'm going to look at Target tomorrow, I think... Any obvious places I'm not thinking of? Cheap is good.

Yesterday, Charlie and I and two others from our dance class went to watch a feis (dance competition) in Oakland. We only saw the champion level dancers, and they were amazing. But damn are the solo dresses scary looking! Way too many neon colors and sequins. Wow. People pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for them...
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