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I used to eat a lot of ice cream. I'm not sure how this fits in with my claim that I don't like sweet, fatty food, but whatever. In fact, I think in college (a time of total failure to live a reasonable life) I subsisted on ice cream, because I never remembered to buy food and there was a 24-hr gas station convenience store next door to my dorm. My nutrition improved once the 24-hour Stah Mahket opened in back of the building. But I digress.

In particular, I used to eat a lot of Breyer's mint chip ice cream. I loved its texture and its simple natural flavors. It's lighter than most ice cream because its main ingredient is milk, not cream, so I could eat a lot and not feel full.

And then, two years ago, they changed it. They added a stabilizing gum to the ingredients. Its texture changed. I was very sad.

But last week, I heard that the Whole Foods store brand ice cream was just like the old Breyer's! And it's true! Yesterday I was in a grouchy mood so I thought I'd pick some up on my way home and try it. Nick knew I was having a hard week. When I called him to say I was on my way to the store for ice cream, he revealed that he, too, thought I could use some ice cream and he had already walked to Whole Foods to get me some!

So I can recommend Whole Foods 365+ mint chip ice cream as a replacement for Breyer's. (It does have stabilizing gum, but it seems not to affect the texture as much.) And I know at least two other people who felt as strongly as I did about Breyer's, so I hope this brightens your day.
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