Dec. 21st, 2008 02:41 pm
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I'm in the solstice mood. I missed a solstice party last night because I wasn't feeling great earlier in the evening and Nick was at work, but later, C and I made it to Gaskell's and I got to dance quite a bit.

And this morning, I got a tree. We went to the tree lot on Bryant again this year. Last year, I got a reject tree (I called it krummholz but it was actually quite nice) for wicked cheap. But I walked into the lot today and there were only perfectly shaped trees, each $52. I asked the guy if they had any rejects this year.

"You don't need to get a reject tree to get a good deal," he said.

I figured he was trying to sell me a fancy expensive tree. I looked skeptical.

"How much you want to pay?"

"Well, last year, I paid $20."

"Ok. Pick a tree."

So I chose a perfect tree my height, hand over a twenty, and left happy. I'm glad I've learned to bargain. It's close enough to Christmas that who knows, maybe they're selling the remaining trees for $20 to everyone. But I bet if I'd gone up to the cash register with $52 in hand, they'd have taken it without comment.

Now it's time to clean and get ready for guests. I'd love to spend the day hanging ornaments, a fire in the nonexistent fireplace and a strong eggnog in hand, and then play a few games of Scrabble. Maybe this evening!
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