can has.

Dec. 20th, 2008 03:34 pm
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I now have:

  • Enough table space for our holiday guests. Craigslist provided a square table exactly the height and width of the current table, with legs that screw off. More work than a folding table, but we can store it, legs off, with the folding chairs, and it'll make it feel more like a single long table. This also means we can have dinner parties, one of our goals for the year.

  • Four inflated tires on my car. I discovered a flat yesterday, but it wasn't totally deflated. Today I drove very slowly to Larkins Brothers tires a few blocks from here, and they patched the tire for $15 in 15 minutes or so. Not bad! As usual, Yelp doesn't lie.

  • A date for Gaskell's, but as usual, nothing great to wear. I will improvise.

  • A cold. But that's ok. I'm past the contagious stage, anyway, I think.
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