Sep. 5th, 2008 08:18 pm
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It was hot today in San Francisco, hotter than it gets more than once or twice a year, and the heat bothered me more than on the Playa. I resented the need to wear clothes, so I wore less than usual and tried not to sweat to death while I did some work in a cafe. All week I've been wearing little tank tops, sandals, short skirts, not my usual attire.

I find that what I miss from the Playa is not the excitement but the openness. The man sitting just across from me in the crowded cafe - it would have been so easy to say hello, to ask what he was working on, but we don't do that sort of thing. I sat on my front steps with a beer and a book as the sun set, hoping I could strike up conversation with people passing by, with the well-dressed patrons at Universal, with the neighbors or the camera crew who were filming something at the restaurant. At the back of my mind was the homicide rate - two seriously injured in a shooting on my block last night, another two killed five blocks south later in the evening. I wonder if that's what the camera was for. I saw a few other news vans. The heat always seems to lead to a crime wave.

Last night I kept the feeling going by walking with Nick for ice cream (orange cardamom and chocolate) at Bi Rite, and then a drink (bourbon) at the closest pub (Homestead). I swung by C's on my way home to drop off a note - his phone had an unfortunate accident, and so, amusingly, we've kept our Playa-style communication going. My first day at Burning Man, he gave me a mailbox, genuine USPS, with my name on it, mounted on rebar next to my tent. His matching mailbox got a lot more use than mine, thanks to his excellent location in Center Camp.

The last few days have involved little other than sleep, eating, and dragging myself to work (where I sometimes sleep more) but I think I'm past that now. Burning Man was absolutely phenomenal, the best time I've had there, and I can't wait for next year. I hope I manage to write up some of the fun before it fades into memories. I'm already looking forward to seeing everyone again, hopefully well before a year has passed.

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I'm glad it went so well for you this year!

Heat wave does seem to lead to crime wave. Scary. :/


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