Jun. 4th, 2008 11:08 am
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I'm hoping to rely on my bike to commute to Caltrain (starting in the fall). I have a nice shiny hybrid bike, a Giant Cypress DX, that my parents bought me at the start of grad school. It's sort of heavy: extra features like fork and seat shocks, a thick mountain bike-style frame, huge knobby tires. Carrying it up the BART stairs has been annoying.

So I've been considering replacing it with something sleeker and lighter, but I feel bad doing so because it's a perfectly decent bike.

On Sunday, Nick and I were walking around Hayes St and I fell in love. A cute girl was sitting outside a cafe with an equally cute glossy black vintage ten-speed. It was a 1970s Motobecane touring bike. She let me pick it up and it wasn't that heavy, despite the older materials (probably a steel frame).

I just searched craigslist and, by chance, someone is selling the identical bike, except in a much less exciting color (grey):

The price is rather surprisingly low, but I can check for obvious frame or rim damage. The frame is nominally my size but I have odd proportions so I'd have to try it in person, of course.

Would it be stupid to buy it? Can I get it repainted glossy black or does that ruin the vintage appeal? I don't want to paint over the name. But the black and red look of the one at the cafe was really what I fell in love with. Maybe I should wait til an identical one appears. Can I justify replacing my bike? I could probably sell my current one for that price. Will I hate the skinny tires on SF's pothole-riddled streets [and do they have the annoying style of valve]? Will it actually be any lighter than my current bike? Do I really want to drive to Milpitas?

Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion! (Most likely, I won't get it.)
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