Dec. 6th, 2010


Dec. 6th, 2010 11:09 pm
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So what have I been up to recently? Sometimes life is awesome, and sometimes fair to middling.

Nick moved to Baltimore; he's all professorial now. He's got his own lab at the Carnegie Institution at Johns Hopkins. He has a fun new apartment in a converted old Catholic school, and I visited for 2 weeks around Thanksgiving to help warm it.

In August I stumbled into the best thing to happen to me in years: a Burning Man art project called Syzygryd. Remember those things I used to love doing? Building large strange objects and putting them in improbable locations and working under pressure with amazing people? Yeah, all that, but with a big budget. Burning Man this year was an entirely different experience than usual for me, focused on work not play, in a way that fit me very well. My only small regret is that I haven't stayed in touch with my new community as well as I'd meant to.

I am ashamed to realize that my last post here was my big "aha" moment about my science, because that was 9 months ago, a very long gestational period for a project... But by coincidence, I just ordered the first pieces of it today. I'm looking forward to getting my hands wet.

I still really like Irish step dance. I want to get better faster. I'll be happier when I'm getting as much exercise as I did earlier in the year - it felt great.

Other stuff, I'm trying to put behind me. Onwards!


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